How to get Lost PLE, UCE or UACE Certificates/Result Slip

Are you looking for How to get Lost PLE, UCE or UACE Certificates/Result Slip this article will be useful and beneficial for you, am going in details to show you How to Recover Lost UCE or UACE Certifications or Result Slip This content includes instructions on how to retrieve misplaced UNEB results slips (PLE, UCE, and UACE), as well as a list of all the steps necessary to do so.


How to get Lost PLE, UCE or UACE Certificates/Result Slip

This paragraph is based on how you can get lost PLE,UCE or UACE certificate for 2023 academic year as shown below

  • bring a letter from the school or sitting center when you visit in person.
  • Applicants from abroad should send a copy of their identity card along with a letter allowing someone else to process it.
  • Bring a letter from the police, present a copy of a valid ID card in case the slip or certificate is lost or damaged, and pay any processing fees that may be applicable.
  • Payment will be paid to the Cashier, who will then give the necessary receipt.
  • The approved charge for an ordinary letter is 40,000 shillings as of January 2015, and the approved fee for a Hard Card that replaces a certificate is 80,000 shillings.

UNEB does not issue duplicate certificates. In case of loss/damage of result slips and/or certificates, a letter of verification of results is issued to serve the concerned candidate. These are issued on request by individuals, educational institutions, employers and government agencies that carry out investigations.

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  • Send an official letter of request to the Executive Secretary together with a list of individuals whose results need to be verified, clearly labeled with the level of examination (PLE, UCE, or UACE), the year of the examination, and the proper index number (including both centre & candidate number)
  • copies of the outcome document that needs to be validated or verified and the “original” document in cases where fabrication is strongly suspected
  • In accordance with an invoice given by the Board, pay the Uganda National Examinations Board.

The Ntinda office building is where letters of verification of results (LVR) are processed. You can also apply online from this page via