Université de Dschang Online application 2023/2024

In this article am going deep to show you in details about Université de Dschang Online application 2023/2024| How to apply for Diploma, Degree, Masters and PhD Programmes, if you are looking for the Université de Dschang, here is the right place for you


The University of Dschang is currently established in 1993 as University agriculture and it’s located in town of Dschang, Cameroon, and was built by the agreement between the government of Cameroon and United States of America

Faculties offered in Université de Dschang

There are alot of Faculties that are offered in Université de Dschang, some of these Faculties are:-

  • Faculté des letters et sciences Humaines
  • Faculté des sciences Economiques et de gestion
  • Faculté des sciences et politiques
  • Faculté des sciences
  • Faculté des médeciné

Not only that the following below are the overview of Univérsité dé Dschang as shown below;

LANGUAGEOfficial language is French and English
WEBSITEOfficial UNIVERSITY website is https://www.univ-deschang.org/
ESTABLISHEDWas established in 1993
LOCATIONfound in Dschang,West Cameroon
VICE CHANCELLORpépin Roger Tsafack Nanfosso
FORMER NAMEUnivérsité dé centre
TYPE is Public Université

Université de Dschang Online application 2023/2024

As for all Candidates who wants to apply for this opportunity need to follow all Instructions that am giving below inorder your application to be approved, rather than that your request will be rejected

For all students need to be aware of that all Application are done on the official University website

Admission requirements to join University of Dschang

To join University of Dschang, all Candidates must meet the following below requirement as follows;-

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Proof of passing a competitive entrance examination
  • payment of admission fees
  • Proof of medical fitness
  • meeting the specific admission requirements of chosen program or department
  • It is advisable to check the University official website for any update or changes to the admission requirements